Mortgage Resolution Center of Oahu (MRC) is a Hawaii Nonprofit Organization whose Mission is to Help You Learn How You May Keep Your Home through an educational process that helps you identify your options that may include Mortgage Loan Modification.

         Sorry, but we are not able to offer the following services: mortgage origination, credit counseling, personal finance counseling, mortgage foreclosure counseling, accounting, tax preparation, or legal services.  We are not associated with any firms that offer the above services.      

The mortgage industry created a nationwide mess in the 2000s through overly aggressive loan programs and error prone business practices.  The major mortgage lenders have reportedly paid more than $50 Billion Dollars in fines and have been required by the federal government to implement mortgage loan modification programs that are intended to help homeowners stay in their homes.  Securing a loan modification approval, however, often proves to be a frustrating and challenging process.  Our experience enables us to help you learn both positive steps and pitfalls to avoid in the modification process.   

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