Through phone calls and meetings our plan is to:

1.   Learn your goals regarding your home and mortgage.
2.   Help you learn what options you may have.
3.   Help you learn to self-underwrite your loan modification application, if desired.  We will share with you our experience in analyzing and underwriting loan mod packages for submissions to Mortgage Servicers.  We will give you the specific HAMP and In-House guidelines that we think best apply to your situation and show you how to calculate your debt-to-income ratios and expense cash flow for both pre- and post-modification presentation.

4.   We will be available to review your loan mod package before you submit it and to help you respond to conditions your Servicer may request.

5.   There is no fee for the above.

If you decide at any time in this process that you want MRC to do the work for you, then MRC does charge a Program Fee, which will be mutually agreed upon in writing before we begin work on your package.  Our Program Fee is not due until the successful conclusion of your loan modification process when--and only if--you receive, accept and sign your final loan mod documents.

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